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Healing from the Inside Out:

Wendy Thomas

“HEALING FROM THE INSIDE OUT” is a program designed to help men, women & couples get healing for issues their past that make them less effective today. In this seminar, you will receive valuable tools and insight for healing from emotional pain, trauma and abuse. In an atmosphere of caring and sharing you will be able to allow God to touch the “wounded” areas in your life to bring healing and transformation. Some of the topics learn about and talk about are. . . *The Family System & Roles. *Trauma & Its Effects. *Unhealthy Relationships. *Cycles of Abuse. * Shame & Guilt. * Forgiveness & Loss. * Change For the Next Generation
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Bio. WENDY THOMAS is the founder & director of the program HEALING FROM THE INSIDE OUT. Wendy is a gifted teacher, counselor, licensed minister as well as great communicator. Wendy has ministered to the body of Christ in the United States, as well as Croatia, and Russia. She is funny, relavent and wise. Wendy lives her life with passion for Jesus and compassion for people. Wendy brings a message of hope and healing wherever she goes. This healing program continues to reach more people because God has gifted Wendy with wisdom, insight and healing for men, women and families.


Armor of Light:

Jill Shankles

An excerpt from Armor of Light:

Rocks at Mom
One of the most powerful times of inner healing I had was when I saw my “little girl” throwing rocks and dirt at the cross. There she was in her little red wool coat and mary janes with both fists full. Do you want to know who was on that cross? Not Jesus. It was my Mother. I had her in a place of unforgiveness in my little girl heart. That little part of me was so wounded that bitterness had taken up residence for decades. When I invited Jesus into this memory He knelt down and said to me with such compassion,”Do you know I belong up there?”
My little girl shouted,”NO, not You! She is always mean to me! Always!”
He said,”But I died for her sins too Jill. Will you allow me to take her place, which is My rightful place?”
My little Jill started to cry, and said, “But I don’t want you to go.”
He took my chin and said, “I will come back for you. If she stays there neither of you are free.”
I nodded my head. The exchange happened in my spirit, I dropped my rocks and cried as my Mother came down and Jesus went up. Then the cross was empty and He was back beside me holding me as I sobbed and sobbed.
My Mother no longer had to pay for her sin because He paid for it. I no longer held her in a place of perpetual punishment where I was the one being tormented. He forgave me for my bitterness towards her and He forgave her for her meanness to me. The holy exchange had happened in the reality of a spiritual place.
Look at Jesus on the cross and live this for a minute as we go into how powerful, important and holy forgiveness is.