The purpose of the community here at Patches of Blue is to connect both readers and writers. There is just as much power in reading another’s story and relating to it, tapping into your own story, as there is in writing your own. Sometimes, it’s the catalyst to finding that book that lies within you.

If you have a book in you, I can’t wait to read it.

Not everyone writes novels or blogs. Some write music, poetry or perhaps you tell stories through the lens of your camera; those stories are just as important.

This is the place to share story and find hope.

If you are interested in submitting your story or sharing your blog, please use the contact page to contact the admin.


Have you ever listened to a musician and just sort of sat in awe at the sound that you are hearing, the beauty that seems so majestic and unattainable? Musicians inspire me; gifted musicians mesmerize me. How do they do what they do? What inspires them to write those precious and somehow,  perfect-for-me words? I […]

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The Name Change

I wrote a book once. I had found my voice and I would no longer be an unheard voice of trauma. Then, during the publishing process I discovered that due to legal reasons, I couldn’t put my name on the cover. Once again, I felt unheard. The thought of shredding the unpublished, yet completed manuscript, […]

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The Book in You

  “I have a book in me.” It’s an epidemic, it seems, at least with the people that I have come across in my writing journey. Our words get stuck deep within us sometimes and they need a way out. If your story is chaotic and confusing, like mine was, it’s very difficult to make […]

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