Just a Whisper

Journeying down the road of plight
Two sides with two perspectives
Beauty to the right
Warnings to the left

Go that way I hear.
Just a whisper … almost missed
Yet, oh so near

Perfect beauty to abound
within the direction I did face
Then a gust of whisper … such resound
No, the other way

I question …
But, there’s beauty to the right
Warnings to the left
No path within my sight
I MUST go this way!

No whisper did I hear
Leaving me standing ever still

Can’t I take the beautiful way?
Yes, go left
But, there is nothing pretty there, I say
Not yet … so surely was the whisper

Unaccompanied? I cry
Don’t you see?
There is no one by my side!

What shall I take with me?
How will I know the way?
Perplexed I stand, ready to flee

Attune your heart this way
In me, safely you will abide
Sang the whisperer
For Truth will be your guide


My morning walk around the apartment complex brought me into the unexpected and unchartered territory of my pending marriage decisions today. In a great mood, with pep in my step, I wasn’t really thinking much about anything as I walked past an area that I’ve walked past many times now. This morning, though, the scenery stole my attention in a new way.

“Are you willing to go down the unchartered path of restoration?” I was asked.

Well, what does that look like exactly? I replied in thought.

A few minutes later, the scenery began speaking.


I looked to my right and there was the very familiar heart stump that I love so much. It is really beautiful.


Well, yes, I can do love. I mean, I love my husband and I know he is a good man. It’s just that I don’t know if he will stop the craziness …  I thought to myself.

“But, look left.” I was told.

Looking left, my heart dropped.

I certainly do not want to go in there with him again. Been there, done that. Not going back. And besides look at the warning sign! I sighed as I jumped back to the right, toward the love stump and my beautiful trees. These trees, this serenity … this, I can do.

“And what if I ask you to not just forgive, but also to create a new path toward restoration? Of friendship even … to take what is so ugly and scary looking and walk through that jungle of doubt, fear, and brokenness, together with your husband? Would you? Would you heed the warning I will set for you, yet tread with Me into territory that only I can see and guide you through?”


“Take a look to the right again. What if I were creating on the left what you see on the right? The beauty before you didn’t just come to be. It was cleared out and cleaned up. Someone had to step into what looked like a jungle for you to see this beauty before you. It was built with hard work and determination.”

Can I sit right here on the love stump and think about this some?

“Yes, we have time and you have worked hard. Rest is part of the process. I don’t require you to go in and knock out trees. Let the man do the work that the man needs to do. I am only asking you to be willing to walk a new path. One of true forgiveness and deep understanding. I’m asking you to allow love itself to heal the brokenness of your marriage.”

So, I don’t need to plow down trees and break my back doing things that aren’t mine to do … again?

“No, because that was never yours to do. I am asking you to believe that what I am showing you is true and of Me. Do you believe me? If so, I will show you what is yours to do.”

Yes, I think so. That sounds lovely. I burnt out doing all the work.

“I will show you the way. I am patient as I protect and offer hope. If you fill yourself with Me while you are sitting on your love stump, it will be a natural process. I am kind like that.”

Yes, I am learning that more and more these days …

But, what if he doesn’t do what he is supposed to do? What if, in the end, I am left alone and abandoned again??

“Are you alone and abandoned right now?” I was asked.

Hmm … No, I don’t believe that I am. 

“Good. Because I am always with you. No matter what. I am the ultimate No Matter What.”




Strive for excellence, not perfection. Michele Goane

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Michele my Precious friend I am so proud of You for the brave journey I have had the Blessing and privilege of watching You travel since I first met You!!! With much Love and Prayers I stand by You as You sit on Your love stump and trust the Lord!! Because HE is the one that loves You the most!!❤❤❤❌🔴❌🔴❌🔴❌🔴❌🔴❌🔴

Paula Langley
Paula Langley


Paula Langley
Paula Langley

Amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing that with us xoxoxo